Saturday, April 2, 2005


Minnaaaaaa~~~!!! I just want to say that I officially move here.

Yay!!! Finally!!!! Thanks to Eri and Dianne

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Thursday, March 17, 2005


I think I'm gonna have another semi-hiatus. Coz, tomorrow is the last day before Easter holiday, and gonna spend the holiday with my mom and sis. Maybe won't be able to online >_<...

Just want to say...

and dun forget to go to church on those 3 holy days yo...!!

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005


bg-music:Yuan You Hui - Jay Chou
mood:Genki dayo!!
weather:nearly raining
location:uni library...

My mom will come tomorrow!!! I'm chooooo HAPPY!!! Miss her so much...^_^ I asked her to bring a lot of stuff ne...hehehe. Even she need to change her suitcase becoz of the manga that I ask her to bring for me...hihihi *feeling guilty*

Me, my sis and my mom will go to cities near Chester, and then Belfast, London and of course Cambridge (my fave city in UK) in Easter holiday. In Chester, we'll stay in an apartment near the canal. I went there yesterday to 'investigate' it and I love the place so much! It's 10 mins walking from City Centre and they got 3 big rooms, 1 kitchen, 2 toilet and a lot of storage...Just love it so much!! Plus we can see the canal from the room...*can see a lot of ducks...hahaha*

In London, we'll stay in an apartment in Notting Hill. My sister told me that the apartment looks like Sumire-chan's place!!! And our bedroom, gonna be just like Momo's bedroom!!! Uwaaaaa!!! Can't wait to see it!!!!!! The best thing is that Internet is included!! YaY!!

Btw, yesterday Shilpa came to my house. We had dinner together. I cooked a veg stir fried for her. After dinner we just talk and talk and talk. I forgot how, but then we talk about Otaiyou-sama. We called him the *censor* guy (the censor part is the name of the city where he live right now). She also thought that he's strange...See!! Everyone thought that he's strange!!!>_<

Also yesterday Jihunny finish wrote a fanfic about me and Jun!!! Chooooooooooo ROMANTIC!!! Love it so much!! Arigatou ne Jihunny!!*Hugz* The story takes place in England and Narita Airport. She even wrote that Jun quote some part of the lyric of my fave song ever...'I Want To Hold Your Hands' by The Beatles...<333 I read it over and over and over and over again...Want to read it?? Go and join Baka. You'll also find a romantic fic about my oniichan n my oneechan. <333

Also...Vicky, Fran n me gonna make a new BC called KKKBC!! just to express our love to those 3 boys...<333

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Monday, March 14, 2005

All England & Otaiyou-sama

Spent my weekend in Birmingham watching All England. Altho' Indonesia lost and I didn't have chance to meet my idol, Chandra Wijaya, but I had fun there in B'ham with my friends that I haven't met for such a longgggggg time...^_^


Arrive in B'ham at about 12 noon and phoned Steffen and he ask me to wait for him in the station. Coz he need to give Jenny's room keysto me...*I'm stayed in Jenny's house altho Jenny was in Manchester*. He came at around 12.30 with a bunch of Manchester, Bristol, Leeds n Hull guys and gave me the keys. At this time I met Andry and Wilson again!! Yay!! Andry told me that I change a lot!! eee~?? I don't change at all ne...*confuse*. Then the boys left to the NIA (national indoor arena) and I stayed in the station waiting for Franky and Vanda.

Franky and Vanda arrived at 1 pm. Then we went straigt to NIA by taxi coz none of us know where the venue is...>_< I don't even have the ticket yet!! Fortunately, they still have a LOT of tickets there...hehehe...When we arrived, the game start already...It was men's double. Indonesia vs Denmark. And Denmark won >_<. Straight after that was the mixed double, Indonesia lost again!!!>_< ARGH!!!!

A lot of people just went out straight after the mixed double game. But my friends and I stayed to watched Lin Dan. Hao Shuai yoooooo... He's the number 1 world player at the moment!! Kakkoiii neeee!!!!

Went to had dinner at around 8 or so. We ate at Peach Garder *if i'm not wrong*. Met my Ridwan there!!! Uwaaaaaaa....!!!!!! Finally meet him again!! Miss him so much yo!!>_<

After dinner, me and Vanda went straight to Jenny's place to put all our stuff. Then we went to catched a movie with Franky, and the Medan boys *too much to mention*. The movie was wicked!! LOVE IT!!!It was Hostage...

Went back home at around 1 am. And of course we didn't sleep straight away!! We played capsa...hahaha...*as usual!!!*


Went out from home at around 10 am and had brunch in ChinaTown...Then met Yanuar,Heru and Fandi to go to the venue together to watch the final *altho' Indo won't play anymore*

In the middle of the game, Vanda and I need to pick Jenny from the station. So, we went out from the venue. When we went out, the single men start. Turn out that Lin Dan lost...hix...

Went back home at around 5 pm coz the cambridge boys need to catch the 6.30 pm train...I went back to Chester with the 6.57 train...Fortunatelly, the train go straight to Chester from B'ham. Don't need to change somewhere...

Arrive home at bout 21.00


Here this the guy that I like for more that 2 years...Well, I met him again and he change!! He cut his hair and I think he gain weight...hahaha...At first I don't feel DokiDoki at all...but after few hours, those DokiDoki feeling come back to me again!!!DAMN IT!!!

And guess what! We don't even talk!!! AT ALL!!! We used to be able to talk a lot, but now not anymore...>_< Got this awkward feeling everytime we're in the same place...I mean I can talk to him on the phone and email but if we met in person, we just don't talk!!

I don't know if I was kinda to confindent or what but I think sometimes I caught him looking at me...huahahaha... Yeah rite!! Dream on!!

*Whacks Otaiyou**Smack Otaiyou**Bonks Otaiyou* Why u change!!!!!>_<

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Wednesday, March 9, 2005


bg-music: Sketch - ARASHI *love this song so much!*
mood: okay...>_<
weather: not bad
location: Uni Library *as usual*

Just finish d/l and watching Sakura Sake PV. Kawaii ne!!!!! I just love it so much! Already watch it for the 4th time... The PV so ARASHI ne! BAKA!!!! All I can say is I JUST LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Image hosted by
I just love his hair...So
Image hosted by
I will definately become a teacher if all my students are them *pointing at the 'students' above*
Image hosted by
Kawaii Oniichannnnnn~~!! That's all I can say about this Baka Guy!!
Image hosted by
Chemistry Teacher???I will take Chemistry for sure!!!But, in the class I will only starring at him!!!!!!
Image hosted by
Jun sang my fave part of the song,'Ekimae de dare ka utatteru. Sore wa kimi no suki na uta'...Love his move!!!!
Image hosted by
Imagin that many of Jun came to me! I'd die...>_<
Image hosted by
Love Jun's move in this part...<333
Image hosted by
Have a teacher like him??I'll never skip my class...^^" Image hosted by Image hosted by
My fave part of the PV!! Jun wa hounto ni totemo kakkoii ne!!!!!!! GOSH!!! *cant breath*

*credit to Minoru from Iro for the PV*

[rumor] A! and I heard from Yus that ARASHI watched JELANGKUNG before!!! It's Indonesian horror movie. Arashi no minna was so scared when they watched this movie...Is it true??Is it true?? Anyone please tell me!! If true, well I'm really happy ne! They watched Indonesian movie!!!hohoho ^_^[/rumor]<-- huahahahaha...I know the truth!! LOL ^_^"

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Wednesday, March 9, 2005


Bg-music:Heavenly Psycho by Kanjani 8 *bizarre title, great song*
Mood:eager to give my essay draft to Ben
Weather: I think it's nearly rain...>_<
Location:Uni Library

I know it's kinda fast to change the layout, but then I just can't resist the layout-making and layout-changing urge when I see this pic of Jun!! Kireii ne!!!!*screaming uncontrolablelly <-- does this word even exist??*... Yes, he is a beautiful boy but I still love him! and altho' some people said that he's kinda girly *looking fiercely at Mbak Dita (my sis)*
My love to him is genuine *<-- what the heck??*

Gosh this guy getting HOTTER and HOTTER each day...>_< *drools* And why it's Pink-ish again??? Blame it on JUN!! Why he can be so HOT altho' in pink...*glare at Jun* *pointing at the pic* See how kakkoii he is!!*go nuts* THE LIPS...THE LIPS...THE LIPS!!!I'd die for those lips!!!!*die*

Hope can go to Japan this summer ne...*pray*[random]

I got a new housemate!! She's British and just graduate from uni last year. She seems nice...^_^ Tanoshii ne!! not alone anymore in the house!!! However, now I need to control my screaming volume whenever I see Jun ne, if not she might think that I'm Have to give a good 1st impression ne!!

Today's Interpretation Practical lesson was really fun! At first we're suppose to sing Ant & Dec's song called Let's Get Ready to Rumble. but then Jane (our tutor) decided to change the song to the song used in Coca Cola advert.

"I'd like to teach world to sing, with perfect harmony. I'd like to take it in my arms and keep it company"

And my dear two friends, let's call 'em L and J, was 'fighting' last friday...>_< Just because of a bit misunderstanding and egoism. The hard thing for me was that both of them are my bestfriends and they all talked to me about the problem. I WAS IN THE MIDDLE!!!*crying for help* Thank God, finally L called J to clear all of the problem...and now they are in good term again...*jump happily* I miss 'em both, not only 2 of 'em tho but the other ex-Cambridge Crew!!!

Just finish watching Kanjani 8 in MS...Their new single really nice ne!! *OSAKA RAINY BLUES*

Oiiiii *pointing at the umbrellas*...bad luck!!! Don't open the umbrellas indoor ne *dt is superstitious* *seize all of the umbrellas from K8's hands*

*pointing at DB, Maruyama n Ryo's hands* Do they know what that means????GOSH!!! *pointing at Subaru* BARUUUUUUU!!!!! I know it's a karma *glare at Dewi and Ira*...I used to say that he's ugly and a lot other things, but then I realise that he's talented and he's not bad!!!*head down**blush*

umbrellas again????

the 3rd time they use the umbrellas!!! >_<

AA!!! Nearly forgot! Maybe you notice the text written there on the top...MatsuJun x Yamako...And who the heck is Yamako???? Well, Yamako is my name ne! The meaning of my name in Japanese is Yama. So, to make it more girly, I add ko... ^_^"...Basically, my Japanese name is Tabi

JUN-kun ga sukiiiiiiiii...<333[random again]

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